An Award-Winning New Construction Expands to Reach Its Potential
Modern new construction home exterior view in hill country landscape.

Faye + Walker
Sean Guess


Faye + Walker
Sean Guess, Jeffrey and Karen Gunning


Complete the second phase of an award-winning new construction property, adding a separate but connected comprehensive living space.


Phase 1 of this new construction home in the Jonestown hills was completed in 2021 and won a Texas Society of Architecture Design Award. We continued to bring the innovative vision of the homeowner to life with phase 2, a second structure that contains a main suite, kitchen, dining room, large living area, and study with a full bath.

The new structure strategically connects to the original structure by an exterior wood staircase. The midpoint stair landing leads to a rooftop deck above the dining room that provides expansive views of the landscape and Lake Travis in the distance.

Standing seam metal panels make up the wall and roof cladding, giving the simple gable forms a refined look. A Lueder limestone wall begun during phase 1 now continues farther, creating a visual through line that links the two phases together. The rich wood of the staircase and cantilevered “bento box” surrounding the dining room provides a warm contrast to the white cladding and stone wall.


The second phase of construction brought to fruition a seven-year journey to create an inspired new home nestled in the hills. The two structures now connect to each other and to the sloping landscape seamlessly, giving the homeowners a perfect sanctum to enjoy each other and the natural world around them.


Leonid Furmansky