Valley Dale Residence - Living Room
  • Valley Dale Residence - Living
  • Valley Dale Residence - Entry
  • Valley Dale Residence - Hall
  • Valley Dale Residence - Exterior
  • Valley Dale Residence - Fireplace Detail
  • Valley Dale Residence - Kitchen

architect: Francisco Arrendando - Dick Clark Architecture

photographer: Coles Hairston

Valley Dale Residence

A Project Brought Back to Life.

the goal

To complete a project left unfinished by the previous contractor.

the process

Our project team worked closely with the architect and homeowner to achieve their design intent and project vision. After assessing the condition of the property and the project's construction quality, we proposed a completion budget, timeline, and project team. New subcontractors were needed where none had been previously selected. And some of the existing subcontractors replaced. Unfinished tasks not easily delegated to a subcontractor were completed by our in-house crew.

the final result

The project was successfully completed to the quality standard required by the architect and homeowner.